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"When in doubt, check them out!"

Background Investigation (level 2) $150.00


If you every had a concern about one of your children's teachers, that personal trainer your wife uses, or anyone else in your life, now is the time to give yourself that special gift of knowledge.  From now until the end of December, we are running a special on Background Investigations that will give full Civil, Criminal and even Social Media information on your subject.  



We are currently forming our next "evening" Private Investigator Academy in Simi Valley.


Scheduled to start May 15, 2015


The six-month course consists of 150 classroom hours and about 150 hours of independent study and field assignments.  Classes will take place from 7 to 10 PM on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  The time to enroll is now!  Space is limited to the first 12 qualified & enrolled!  To take the free "Private Investigator Aptitude Test" and obtain enrollment information by giving us a call.



Not sure if the "Detective Academy" is for you?  You can call for an individual consultation any time.  We also offer an orientation on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 5 to 7 pm.  A short over-view of what we teach, job opportunities in the field, and what the life of a private investigator is really like.  To attend, you must make a reservation by calling (805) 579-0641. We'll have donuts and coffee!



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"Private Investigator Aptitude Test"





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When you need to know the truth -- Call us... 


In the intelligence community, the term "intelligence" is defined as the ability to gather and use information.  That is what we do.  If you are looking for a missing person, want to check the background of a prospective employee, or looking for the hidden assets of someone who owes you money -- Call us... 


"Whoever controls the information, controls the situation" 

  • Dale Gustafson, Owner & Qualified Manager

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Our investigative services, are available 24 / 7 in Southern California

(805) 579-0641   for Simi Valley, Ventura, Santa Barbra, San Luis Obispo

(818) 889-0360   for San Fernando Valley, Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles

(888) 811-3253   Toll Free


Touch one of the links or photos below for special videos, web sites and information...

(Note:  With each of the videos or TV shows, it will take a few minutes to download or direct your computer to another site for viewing.  With most computers you can continue to work and the video will pop-up when it is loaded.)

Made in LA, Hollywood Bodyguards:  Dale and Corey on Celebrity safety   Made in LA

Rachel on the Range TMZ does a spoof of Rachel on the Range.  TMZ

Bobby Takes One For the Team:  Watch Bobby Martinez get Tazed by Rachel Uchitel for Inside Edition.   Tazer Bob

Rachel on GeraldoGeraldo interviews Rachel on her new Career of Private Investigator.  Geraldo

See our Radio and TV Ad:  Check out the one minute preview of the Academy and DGA Detectives.  About Us  

The FATS Range:  The Class visits the Fire Arms Training Simulator for "Shoot - Don't Shoot" situation training.  FATS Range

Female Fugitive Capture:  Using a hidden camera, the capture and processing of a female Bail Jumper with students from the Academy.  Fem Fugitive

Palmdale Fugitive Capture:  Dale and Corey track down and apprehend a fugitive in Palmdale. Palmdale

See some of the selected Videos from DGA Detectives and Academy:  See some of the recent activities from the last Academy Class...

    Viva Steve G.  Nancy H. Rachel 



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Mail: P.O. Box 1696, Simi Valley, CA  93065




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